Welcome Message
Ballet is a form of art that makes our life bloom. My wish to take great care to develop a beautiful dancer, like cultivating a flower made me choose ‘’The Ballet Garden’’ as our school name. When I was young I started to dream to be a ballet dancer in a European company, and went to Great Britain when I was a High School student.

After entering The Royal Ballet School, I appreciated more fully the different aspects of ballet:
the long established traditions that were based on European history, cultures, artistry, and the use of body to express those factors, as well as their form of dance as one of the traditional arts. I realised that to understand them is the key to dance artistically.

My intention to establish an environment like European ballet schools came from my experience at this time of my life. It is our pleasure to see our children bloom like flowers in our beautiful international garden. We would like to invite you to our classes. We look forward to seeing you at The Ballet Garden.
The Ballet Garden, Principal
Miho Tsurutani
FISTD Cecchetti
Enrico Cecchetti Final Diploma