The Intentions of The Ballet Garden.

Like cultivating a beautiful flower, our purpose is to use great care and dedication to develop beautiful dancers.

■ Take great care to teach ballet based on European traditions, in order for students to appreciate ballet as an art form and acquire vital skills relevant for ballet as well as success in life.
■ We offer dance techniques and skill development that is applicable for students to learn other forms of dance in schools around the world.
■ Through examinations and live performances, students demonstrate confidence and expression with increased competence.
■ Through the experience gained from being in an international environment, students adapt to understand other cultures.
■ Classes always start with a welcome greeting, and good manners between teachers and students are maintained during the class.
■ Developing a beautiful artistic dancing technique is our primary objective, although we can also offer competitive dancing instruction when appropriate.
We would like to welcome students for various purposes

<For those who wish to come to Ballet as a recreation>

It is our pleasure to instruct children who learn ballet for various purposes. In ballet lessons, you are able to grow both mentally and physically in a very balanced way of education. The artistry gained at a young age becomes a core of your education.

<For those who wish to become professional dancers>

We support our students who wish to go to ballet schools overseas (Past Records). We can also identify opportunities and assist students who wish to participate in competitions to win scholarships at ballet schools overseas. And we will be happy to assist those students who wish to apply their ballet skills and experience in other professional fields.

<For those who wish to participate in Ballet Competitions>

The most important prerequisite to enter professional ballet companies is to master formative basic techniques and cultivate artistry. We emphasize this at our school and ensure that our students practice all the basic skills equally rather than just focusing on solos. For students who attend more than four times per week, we will be pleased to coach and prepare them for competitions.